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How to use Google maps scraper?

Steps to use and scrape emails through google maps.

You need to create an account on Spylead first before following the next steps.

1_ Download the chrome extension

Download our chrome extension from this link

Download chrome extension

2_ Type a keyword to define the listings you want to scrape (Bonus: target specific location)

First, go to the Google Maps interface: and type a keyword, for example, Plumber

From this search, several Google maps listings will appear. They are relative to the keyword entered and your current location

Simple Search on Google maps

2_1_Bonus: Target a specific district, city, region

You want to find plumbers in London, well it's easy:
Type the keyword Plumber and the city London and select in the results in the autocomplete: Plumber near London,UK

All restaurants in the region will be shown after clicking on the autocomplete.

Target specific city, region.

3_ Launch Google Maps scraping

Open the chrome extension by clicking on the Spylead Icon at the top on the right of your browser.

- Campaign name : Give a relevant name. We recommend that you enter the keyword + location
- Amount of listing you want to scrape : Choose the number of listings you wish to scrape - If the number requested exceeds the number of listings available, you will not be overcharged in credit.
- Start position: Choose from which result you want to start scraping. 0 is the starting position.

Create Google maps scraping

Click on Start Bulk button
You will be redirected to a specifically created campaign page. From this page, the results of the scraping will appear and will be permanently available.

4_ Access your campaign

Wait until the bulk is 100% complete to have access to all your results.
All your Google maps campaign can be found here

Updated on: 13/08/2022

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