Steps to use and scrape emails through google maps.

Step 1
Download our chrome extension from this link

Step 2
Go to the Google Maps interface

Step 3 (+ Tips to target a specific region)
Type a keyword for a search and validate.
From this search, several Google maps listings will appear. They are relative to the keyword entered, and to the location chosen on the map.
Google maps - Type a keyword for a search

Target a specific district, city, region
Type the search term + city, region, district. In our exemple, we've looking for restaurant in Paris.
Search term is "Restaurant + paris"
In autocomplete, "restaurant near Paris" is available -> Click on it
All restaurant in the region, after clicking on the autocomplete will be shown.

Google maps - targeted search

Step 4
Open the chrome extension, and custom your scraping.
- Campaign name : Give a relevant name. We recommend that you give the keyword + location
- Amount of listing you want to scrape : Choose the number of listings you wish to scan - If the number requested exceeds the number of listings available, you will not be overcharged in credit.
- Start position : Choose from which result you want to start scraping. 0 is the starting position.

Set up a scraping campaign

Step 5
Click on "Start Bulk" button
You will be redirected to a specifically created campaign page. From this page, the results of the scraping will appear and will be permanently available.
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