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How to use LinkedIn Email finder (Chrome extension)

Steps to use the LinkedIn Email Finder (Chrome extension)

1_Download the chrome extension

The first step is to download Spylead from the chrome store:
Download Spylead - Email Finder

Download Spylead - Email Finder chrome extension

2_Pin the chrome extension

Pin the chrome extension by clicking on the puzzle icon at the top on the right on your browser, get super fast access to Spylead, and start finding emails.

Pin the chrome extension

3_Find emails from a search page, your network, a group, an employee page, or sales navigator.

Start finding emails from these pages:

Search page: Open by clicking here
Your network: Open by clicking here
Employee page example: Open by clicking here
Group page link: Open by clicking here

To open the chrome extension, click on the Spylead icon in your toolbar.

LinkedIn Chrome Extension

Updated on: 12/08/2022

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