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How to use Search Engine scraper?

Steps to use Search Engine scraper.

Step 1

Give a campaign name, for easier identification, you can give the same name as your keyword

Step 2

Enter the keyword from which you want the google search to be performed. From this keyword, all the referenced results will be scraped to find the associated emails

Step 3

Choose the type of result.
All = Organic results (SEO), and ads results (SEA)
Organic = Only SEO results
Ads = Only SEA (paid) results

Step 4 & 5

Choose the country and the region
If you choose "France" for example, then we will use a French IP (in the region if selected) and the scrape will be done from

Step 6

Choose if you want to scrape the mobile results, or desktop.

Step 7

Choose the number of results you want to scrape. Keep in mind that we charge 1 credit for every 10 results, so it is advisable to enter whole numbers like 10, 20, 30.
To keep the results consistent with the keyword, we recommend less than 200 results per scrape and per keyword.

Google SERP scraping

Updated on: 05/06/2022

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